Aviation and Diplomacy

Bogdan J. Kwieciński 1895–1981


The collection of col. Bogdan J. Kwieciński donated by his daugther, Ms Hanna M. Pappius, reached Kraków in 2012 as an array of several heavy packages. An invaluable help in ogranising transport was provided by the Polish Consulate in Montreal with an especially important contribution of Ms Beata Czyżykiewicz. The shipment was prepared by Mr Andrzej Krzysztofowicz.

The legacy of Bogdan J. Kwieciński comprises documents concerning military and civillian matters dating from 1918 to 1977, including a large body of papers from the 1934 Challenge and the 5th Home Air Touring Contest. There are also numerous photographs, a complete uniform set from the Second World War and various memoirs. Finally, there is a most interesting collection of military and civillian awards and medals of various origin: Polish, British, French, Romanian, Yugoslavian, Czechoslovak and even Moroccan and Afghan ones.

Another part of the collection is Bogdan Kwieciński's aviation library of over 100 titles in Polish, English and German and a compete British Air Ministry series, the "Evidence in Camera".

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